Quality - Taste notes

Bean Size:                                 1.02 gr/bean

Well-fermented Beans:             52%

Semi-fermented Beans:            24%

Defects:                                        0%

Roasting Conditions:                120°C; 25’; 12 μm

Liquor:                                        cashew apple, citrus, raspberry, mint, lemongrass, woody, smoky

Chocolate 66%:                          cocoa, date, molasses, brown fruit, green apple, peanut




Processing this cacao at farm level in mini boxes allows for unique flavor development.
The refreshing blend of citrus fruits and mint & lemongrass is pleasantly covered by a soft woody breeze. Converted into chocolate, it releases the sweetness of red apple crumble strewed with sprinkles of nutmeg and cinnamon.



Varietal composition:                    Trinitario blend (32% lilac; 8% white)

Fermentation method:                  Small-sized wooden box (50kg)

Drying:                                           8-day sun-drying; open air; wicker basket




Producer:             Cooperativa los Izalkos

Coordinates:       13°44'05.8"N 89°40'40.4"W

Availability:         ~0.5 MT/year


Phone:                 (503) 6156-1618

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