Carrera Real

Quality - Taste notes


Bean Size:                          1.18 gr/bean

Well-fermented Beans:      64%

Semi-fermented Beans:     26%

Defects:                                  0%
Roasting Conditions:         120°C; 25’; 12 μm

Liquor:                                  Raisins, raspberry balsamic, sweet, orange-flavored liqueur, pine

Chocolate 66%:                    Sweet mandarine confit, plum, currant, walnut, milky, gran marnier


A unique Acriollado blend with complex character. The intense raisin-filled chocolate taste is nicely rounded by a raspberry balsamic note. The citric notes are expressed both in liquor and chocolate form giving a sweet finish of orange-flavored liqueur.




Varietal composition:            Acriollado blend (74% lilac; 16% white)

Fermentation method:          Cascade-type boxes (400kg)

Pre-drying:                            48h; (Day1 2h sun; Day2 4h sun); 8 cm; open air)

Drying:                                   6-day sun-drying; open air; wood



Producer:                Hacienda San José de Real de La Carrera

Coordinates:          13°17'22.5"N 88°30'05.4"W

Availability:            ~5-10 MT/year


Phone:                     (503) 2610-5338

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