Quality - Taste notes

Bean Size:                               1.40 gr/bean

Well-fermented Beans:          48%

Semi-fermented Beans:         22%

Defects:                                     0%

Roasting Conditions:             120°C; 25’; 12 μm

Liquor:                                     forest berries with citric notes, tannins, pineapple

Chocolate 66%:                       red wine, coconut sugar, orange, raisins, cherry, herbal hints 


Available in big volumes, this organic Trinitario blend comes in 2 versions, expressing the impact of a single different post-harvest parameter: drying duration. When this cocoa is processed during the dry season (V’Vaya) it releases sharp fruitiness of forest berries with citric notes and powerful tannins, while long drying (I’Vaya) allows for nutty and herbal flavors of anise and earl grey tea with mature berry and woody notes. 



Varietal composition:                    Trinitario blend (10% lilac; 2% white)

Fermentation method:                  Horizontal wooden boxes (1,200kg)

Pre-drying:                                     48h; 10 cm; under transparent sheets

Drying:                                            6-day sun-drying; solar tunnel; perforated steel




Producer:                      Coop. de Servicio Agroforestal y de Comercialización de Cacao CACAONICA R.L.

Availability:                   50 MT/year (Apróx.)

Contact:                         cacaonica.organico@yahoo.comcacaonica.com.ni

Phone:                            (505) 5768-8495

Certification:                  Símbolo de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo (SPP)                                

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