Yellow Stone

Quality - Taste notes

Bean Size: 1.15 gr/bean

Well-fermented Beans: 54%

Semi-fermented Beans: 16%

Defects: 0-1%
Roasting Conditions: 120°C; 25’; 12 μm

Liquor: passion fruit, bilberries, grapes, apricot, mocha, alcoholic, black tea and citrus notes

Chocolate 66%: sesame & honey, mastic (resin), mango, apricot liqueur, flan, sweet wine

A very dynamic profile full of character; passion fruit, bilberries, grapes, apricot and mocha are some of the fine flavors that characterize this Acriollado cocoa. A citric touch is hugged by red pepper and black tea notes. The sensory experience is eventually ended with some alcoholic nutty flavors.


Varietal composition: Acriollado blend (38% lilac; 28% white)

Pulp pre-conditioning: /

Fermentation method: Horizontal wooden boxes (240kg)

Pre-drying: 48h (Day1 2h sun; Day2 4h sun); 10 cm; open air

Drying: 7-day sun-drying; open air; wood



Atlántida, Honduras

Producer: Cooperativa De Productores Agrícolas de San Viator Limitada

Coordinates: 15°44'25.2"N 86°30'45.0"W

Availability: ~25 - 35 MT/year


Phone: (504) 9435-1338


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