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The Cacao Flavor Map is a visual tool illustrating the origins and the organoleptic characteristics of cacao offered by producer organizations which have undergone a process to optimize harvest and post-harvest practices for consistency in their flavor profiles allowing cocoa producers to better connect with buyers that are looking for unique flavor profiles, who will be able to quickly identify the sources for the cocoa flavors, profiles and characteristics they are seeking. 
LWR, ZOTO, and Guittard Chocolate, in collaboration with the Cacao of Excellence Program, unveiled the Cacao Flavor Map at the 2017 Salon du Chocolat, which included the flavor profiles of cacao supplied by producer organizations in El Salvador,Nicaragua, and Honduras. The map included expert analysis from Ed Seguine, from Seguine Cacao & Chocolate Advisors, Darin Sukha form the Cocoa Research Center and was funded by the World Environment Services (WEC)/ United States Department of State, Swiss Cooperation Agency (COSUDE) under the Cacao Movil Regional program, PROGRESA-CARIBE/USDA program with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and SNV.
Thanks to the Maximizing Opportunities for Coffee and Cocoa in the Americas (MOCCA) program, financed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), led by TechnoServe and Lutheran World Relief (LWR/Corus Intl.), the map is being expanded to include 53 new flavor profiles from Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. These farmers and  coopertives received assistance to standardize their flavor profiles and join the flavor map, while producer organizations from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras receive continued marketing assistance through the Map to access new markets.
LWR/Corus Intl. would like to thank all the farmers and farmer organizations for their willingness to be part of the Regional Cocoa Flavor Map. At the same time, we would like to recognize the support from the varied expert panel that participated analyzing the samples, dedicating their time and experience for this task. Our great appreciation to: Carlos Fajardo, OFI; Clay Gordon, The Chocolate Life; Jody Hayden, Grocer's Daughter Chocolate; John Kehoe, Guittard Chocolate; Juan Carlos Jimenez, INIAP; Kate Cavallin, Cacao Latitudes; Katrien Delaet, Silva Cacao; Mario Vandeneede, Chocolatoa; Mey Choy, FCIA; Saurabh Mitra, OFI; Tom De Winne and Zoi Palexandratou from ZOTO.

The project includes

To create a visual tool illustrating the origins and the organoleptic characteristics of their new products. This will assist farmers in accessing new markets and raise awareness of the flavor richness of Central American cocoa for chocolate makers who are looking for special products.

The Regional Cocoa Flavor Map initiative carried out:

• Investigation of current quality available at the farms and coops
• A two-time application of modified post-harvest protocols, with close supervision for optimal flavor expression
• Sensory and chemical analysis of the samples obtained
• Geographical and statistical mapping of the whole dataset collected

Thanks to the MOCCA project (Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas), financed by the USDA, new origins and flavor profiles from Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala are being included.



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