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Lutheran World Relief (LWR), ZOTO and GUITTARD CHOCOLATE teamed up with the Cocoa of Excellence Program to explore the flavor diversity of cocoa from 3 countries in Central America: Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Unveiled at the Salon du Chocolat 2017 exhibition in Paris, the Regional Cocoa Flavor Map helps cocoa producers better connect with buyers of fine-specialty cocoa, who will be able to quickly identify the sources for the cocoa flavors, profiles and characteristics they are seeking.

The project includes

To create a visual tool illustrating the origins and the organoleptic characteristics of their new products. This will assist farmers in accessing new markets and raise awareness of the flavor richness of Central American cocoa for chocolate makers who are looking for special products.

The Regional Cocoa Flavor Map initiative carried out:

  • Investigation of current quality available at the farms and coops
  • A two-time application of modified post-harvest protocols, with close supervision for optimal flavor expression
  • Sensory and chemical analysis of the samples obtained
  • Geographical and statistical mapping of the whole dataset collected