Oro del Chimchipe

THE ASSOCIATION OF COCOA PRODUCERS OF THE DISTRICT OF HUARANGO was founded in March 2008, we are located in the northeastern part of Peru, near the border with Ecuador, in the valleys of the Chinchipe River with a tropical climate of jungle brow (District of Huarango, Province of San Ignacio, Department of Cajamarca). The organization works only with fine aroma cocoa, this organization started thanks to a very special ally who is the North American Brayan Hosley, General Manager of the company Marañon Cacao, with this company we started commercial relations first of buying and selling fresh cocoa and then dry beans, this commercial relationship is maintained until today and with this company we market our national type cocoa beans. By the laws enacted in Peru does not allow us to register as cooperatives, since all partners are direct and indirect relatives, it is for this reason that at present we became a private company S. A. and we put a representative brand to our beans called ORO DEL CHINCHIPE.

When Pure Nacional-Marañon cocoa comes on the table, the extra attention is immediately there. An incredibly peculiar complexity that goes beyond the usual nutty character of Marañon comes to surprise; Oro de Chimchipe overwhelming flowery profile with roses, jasmine, and lavender blend with dynamic pickled mango and candied chilly ginger with long lychee fruitiness. While this cocoa perfectly expresses its potential in high percentages, the chocolate is as complex and well balanced with some lingering astringency of pistachio skins.

Its name is in honor of the river that gives life to the valley that bears the name of Chinchipe, formerly in this river gold was washed by hand, at present the largest amount of production is cocoa of the national type.

Quality - Taste Notes

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pistachio, chocolatey, toffee, rosewater

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roses, jasmine, lavender, pickled mango, candied chilly ginger, lychee


Bean size


Well fermented


Semi fermented




20'; -
Roasting conditions



Varietal composition: Nacional (15% lila; 30% white)

Pulp pre-conditioning: overnight extended on perforated beds 6 cm

Fermentation method:  horizontal boxes

Pre-drying:  24h; 6-8 cm

Drying: 7 days on perforated tables


Producer:Asociacion de productores Cacaoteros del distrito de Huarango

Coordinates:05° 17' 59.21" S 78° 48' 30.11" W

Availability: ~50 MT/year

Contact: novasvicacao@gmail.com

Phone: +51 976089870

Facebook: Asociación de Productores Cacaoteros del Distrito de Huarango

Presidente: Noe Vasquez Villa 


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