The CEPROAA COOPERATIVE is a non-profit organization that brings together 393 members of the Amazonas region, who carry out agricultural activities, who have joined together voluntarily through a jointly owned and democratically controlled company that complies with cooperative principles.
Its operation is based fundamentally on the cooperation of all its members and the management capacity of its leaders and workers to generate one or more services under the best conditions.

UTKKU, comes from the Quechua language meaning "cotton", which represents purity, justice, love, care and abundance, where it is associated with the characteristics of our producers, who are united, simple, respectful and nature lovers, who cultivate cocoa with environmental responsibility, always having in mind to pass on the good for future generations. UTKKU also refers to the province of Utcubamba (which means cotton field), where the Cooperative is located.

Through the dense cloud forests and rugged Andes mountains, this very fragrant Utkku cocoa rises and blasts with its aromas and flavours, realizing that the flavour expressions of cocoa may have been underestimated; the unique ylang ylang perfume strongly dominates at the start and gets blended with fruity body of ripe kumquat and refreshing paradise apple. The exceptional native genetics add to the distinct character of this cocoa for a memorable flavour journey.

Quality - Taste Notes

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ylang ylang, almonds, framboise, fresh mint, lemongrass, dates

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ylang ylang perfume, ripe kumquat, refreshing paradise apple


Bean size


Well fermented


Semi fermented




26'; -
Roasting conditions



Varietal composition: Regional clones (40% lila; 12% white)

Pulp pre-conditioning: overnight in bags

Fermentation method:  horizontal boxes

Pre-drying:  48h; 10 cm

Drying: 8 days on wooden beds


Producer: Cooperativa Agraria CEPROAA

Coordinates:05° 44' 14.74" S 78° 25' 59.92" W

Availability: ~230 MT/year

Web: www.ceproaa.org

Email: coop.ceproaa@gmail.com, gerenciaceproaa@ceproaa.com

Phone:  +51 969 469 884 / + 51 918 697 098 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coop.Ceproaa

Manager: Cily Yudixa Diaz Sanchez 


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